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Wildlife Institute of India (WII) is one of the centres of All India Coordinated Project on the Taxonomy (AICOPTAX) of Orchids funded by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India. Under this project WII has been conducting systematic surveys and taxonomic studies on orchids covering two states of India viz., Uttaranchal and Jharkhand. The Herbarium section of WII is regularly updates records of Angiosperms from various protected areas and maintains an exhaustive database on medicinal plants. One of the new initiatives under taxonomy and biodiversity studies at WII is a detailed floristic survey of alpine regions of Western Himalaya by Dr. G.S. Rawat who is currently involved in enumerating and updating the alpine flora of the region and analysing the patterns of plant species diversity, rarity and endemism across the Greater and Trans-Himalaya. He has just completed a project in the alpine region of Uttaranchal in collaboration with the Uttaranchal Forest Department and Herbal Research & Development Institute (HRDI) Uttaranchal. The study concluded that the alpine region of Uttaranchal has about 1350-1400 species of vascular plants which forms nearly 80 % of all the alpine flora reported from the alpine region of Western Himalaya and 32 % of total vascular flora known from Uttaranchal. Several new records have been reported for the region. Fourteen sites of botanical interest have been identified within the alpine region of Uttaranchal which are recommended for declaration of alpine meadow preservation plots which would serve as reference points for future monitoring in relation to changes in habitat conditions due to anthropogenic and climatic factors. The report also deals with status of alpine meadows and medicinal plants giving suggestions for conservation and bio-prospecting.

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