Implementing NBSAPS
· Development of a Tool Kit on financing NBSAPs in Asia - Pakistan
· Development of sub national Biodiversity Action Plans - Asia


Identification and Monitoring of Biodiversity
Regional Capacity Building Programme on using IUCN criteria for red listing;
  species assessment and indicators - Asia

  Red Listing
· Development of Red lists for Pakistan - Pakistan
· Printing and distribution of Bangla version of IUCN Red Lists of threatened Fauna   Bangladesh

· Development of Red Lists-Lao PDR
  Access and Benefit Sharing
Development of policy makers guide - Global Capacity Building to Implement   Biosafety   Protocol · Regional Workshop on Biosafety for the Asia Pacific
  Region Asia Pacific
· Regional workshop on Risk Assessment and Risk Management - Asia
· Development of Biosafety Resource Kit - Global

  National PA Systems Plan
· Organization of Training Programme for PA managers on National Systems Plan -   Asia
· Development of training tool kit for PA managers - Asia

Raising the Voice of Asia
· Biodiversity Day celebration in Vietnam, Nepal, Lao PDR - Asia
· Biodiversity Day Celebration in India - Asia


Training Programmes and Workshops in 2002
· Training on Red listing, biodiversity assessments and indicators, Sri Lanka
· Biodiversity Focal Group meeting to discuss the RBP strategy, ongoing
  biodiversity programmes and future options at country and regional
  levels, Sri Lanka
· Asia-Pacific Regional workshop on Biosafety, China
. Asia Regional Workshop on Risk Assessment and Risk Management, India
. Development of Biodiversity Action Plan for Dujiangyan, China
. Pre-COP to CBD workshop in Bangladesh

  Establishment of Bangladesh National Biodiversity Group (BNBG) - Bangladesh  
  Development of Bangladesh Threatened Species List - Bangladesh  

Training for Conventional and Participatory Vegetation Surveys - Cambodia

  Support to consultative group on National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan -  China  
  Development of sub-national BAP - China  

Establishment of Consultative Group on Implementation of the CBD - India

  Establishment of Centre for Information on Conventions - India  
  India Bioregion Studies publication - India  
  Development of Conservation Regulations - Lao PDR  

Support to Wildlife Status Report, Lao PDR - Lao PDR

  Preparation of Education & Awareness Material on CBD - Malaysia  
  Support for Facilitation of National Biodiversity Network - Malaysia  
  Biodiversity Assessment - Nepal  
  Support to National Biodiversity Unit - Nepal  
  Establishment of National Biodiversity Center - Philippines  
  Support to Biodiversity Unit of Ministry of Forest & Environment - Sri Lanka  
  Follow-up on Biodiversity Action Plan (Phase1) - Sri Lanka  

Printing of Biodiversity Strategy Document - Sri Lanka

  Workshop on Turtle Conservation Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka  
  Finalisation of the list of threatened species for Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka  
  Support for National Institute of Education to develop an advanced level  students    curriculum on biodiversity - Sri Lanka  
  Support to Thailand Biodiversity Programme - Thailand  
  Support to establishment of Information Management System for Biodiversity  Conservation - Vietnam  
  Support to Biodiversity focal point for Vietnam - Vietnam  
  Project Development Reserve - Vietnam  
  Workshop on Mgt. & Protection of Coastal Wetlands - Vietnam  
  Assistance to develop Marine protected areas list - Vietnam  
  Assistance to develop National Wetlands List - Vietnam  
  Support to development of brochure for the Nature Conservation Division
 in Vietnam -Vietnam
  Translation of a Guide to the Convention on Biodiversity - Vietnam